Just An Online Minute... This Positive Week Brought To You By Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams, and... Grill Shaving?

The Week In Event Stuff

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This week is so stupendously awesome, with such great, happy-time, good-for-the-soul events I could just cha-cha in a bucket of meatballs.

MediaPost moved offices, in case you didn't know, and I checked the space out today.  Love that new-office smell.  Big fat windows, halfer cubes (instead of the tall dividers so you never know who is on the other side), and a nomad-type fellow in the abandoned construction area at the back of our building.  The last item there is cause for concern, and believe me, when it gets colder I'll be 311-ing like a mad man if that guy shivers out there.  The neighborhood is the 30s and Madison Avenue, so lots of yummy restaurants -- and still close enough to Shake Shack, which is very important. 



Tonight I'll be attending the We Do Good Awards, presenting by WE TV in a partnership with Ladies' Home Journal.  I'll be bringing my long-lost IBM pal Frank Jania, a software engineer/team lead at Google.  Whenever Frank is around, someone laughs so hard objects fly from their noses, so watch out, Sherri Shepherd (host of the evening). Kelly Rutherford and Christie Brinkley are also slated to present awards (which could mean via video, but we shall see!) with a special appearance by Marlee Matlin.

Tomorrow night is one of my favorite events -- the Ad Council Public Service Award Dinner.  It's always a night where I choke back tears or make lists of how THIS TIME I'm going to change the world.  Last year Tina Fey brought the chortles, which means this year the tag team of one of my favorites, Brian Williams, and Jimmy Fallon, have big stilettos to fill.  I look forward to a wonderful evening at The Wally.  Or as everyone else calls it -- the Waldorf Astoria.

The Thrillist 5th Anniversary Party is the same night as the Ad Council Dinner.  I'm hoping I can do both, if only to let them know that the special email invitation to get my grill shaved was very gender-confusing to me.  And object confusing.  Isn't your "grill" your teeth?  It is getting colder, but so far, I have no hair on my teeth.  And I don't have a hairy outdoor grill , either.  I also don't have a beard.  Yet.

Thursday I will be covering the Feeding NYC party at Hudson Terrace, where party-goers will be celebrating the efforts of founder Robert LoCascio (also CEO of LivePerson) and the Feeding NYC team's efforts to supply turkey dinners to Manhattan families in need.  

Friday I'll be covering two completely different types of parties.  The first is the launch of the new Lomography store in Gramercy.  If you've never set a digital foot in a Lomography store, you are missing out on one of life's great treasures.  I covet every camera.  I love the idea of crafty film photography, where accidents make art.  After THAT, I'll be heading to a not-yet-open location for the launch party for Qwiki.  Stylecaster's co-founder Doug Imbruce is behind "a revolutionary platform that will forever change the way people experience information" I hope that means "upside down."

I hope between this week and the holiday party schedule looming I'll get to meet some of your smiling faces and even reconnect with those of you I haven't seen in forever.  If not, we'll just have to keep meeting like this, which works, too.

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  1. Tim Rosini from Duncan Mcintosh, November 16, 2010 at 5:17 p.m.

    ... ha great ghostbusters reference. I would just like to say that... (and i mean this to be a testament to your writing) i get your just an online minute as part of a my daily 1000 updates from across the nation. I do research and other editorial work for Editor and Publisher. I am based in california, but for some reason i get excited when a new just the online minute is posted...i have no reason to be... i'm not in new york scene, i'm not in advertising, so i therefore must conclude it is your writing... so i'll just say, it seems like your having fun and enjoying what your good at. Keep it up...

  2. Kelly Samardak from Shortstack Photography, November 17, 2010 at 2:53 p.m.

    Thank you Tim! My day was a little cruddy yesterday and you totally flipped it around :)

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