Just An Online Minute... What's In Store For This Holiday Party Season?

Holiday Party Coverage Heads Up
New York, NY

Oh, this week.  The week of Thanksgiving.  A week where emails get sent into the ether, their landing uncertain.  This is the week where lunches are longer because the big boss is at her chalet making sure it's ready for a week of skiing and schnapps.   Me? I'm getting all thankful for things like DSW, where I will visit to find some warm, comfy, probably hideous shoes for the very surprisingly packed (more packed than ad:tech NY, Advertising Week, and Internet Week wadded together) industry holiday party season.  Either everyone is doing really well at the close of 2010 or they want to look like it, because these are not your average Two-Buck-Chuck sponsored cubicle uncomfortfests.

The following assumption is based on little to no factual research:  the entire digital adver-marketing-media industry will either be in recovery or on vacation the week of Dec. 12th.  Well, except for when they're celebrating the Creative Media Awards on Dec. 14th, of course.  This assumption brought to you by Nov. 29th  through Dec. 10th. 



Consumer Reports was first!  They welcomed the holiday season with open arms and spicy tuna tartare -- and also launched their Naughty And Nice list. 

11/30 Discovery Communications is throwing their annual holiday party at their usual place, The Campbell Apartments.   Discovery has gotten me through many a night's insomnia, and I shall pay homage to them through photography and sipping of weird orange beverages.

12/1 (what? December already!?) is the Minorities in Media ugly Christmas sweater party.  I LOVE ugly Christmas sweater parties.  There is no greater leveling of the party fashion playing field like a floppy knit reindeer appliqué with a blinking nose.  Ugly sweaters are uptight repellent, too.

12/2 Collective is getting in on the party action at Bryant Park.  They're jingling up at Celsius, that 2nd floor winter wonderland spot that overlooks the skating rink and the Bryant Park tree, which by the way is having its tree-lighting celebration that night, too!  Seriously, this is going to be the one to beat, festively speaking.

12/7 The TD Foundation 5th Annual Fundraiser Event will be swanking up the 8th floor of the Time & Life Building with live music from Mark Westlake and "The Modulators." Proceeds from ticket sales go to the Tom Deierlein Foundation to help needy families and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

12/8 Traffiq plans to keep everyone out all night with their winter bash at Willow Lounge.  They used a photo of tiny grilled cheeses in shot glasses of tomato soup, which clinched it.

12/9 Three French Hens: the Art Directors Club is throwing their annual bash at their home base, accepting unwrapped gifts or 20 bucks, or you just turn right around and go home! Control Group is also keeping their party close to home - but when your home base is The Woolworth Building, I'd say those are some pretty fair shakes. Fresh art is promised, which by my calculations trumps rotten art for some.  Mr. Youth has yet to disappoint when it comes to party throwing and they're at it again, this time at Tammany Hall, which confuses me because it's where The Annex used to be, but I thought that was already renamed Backstage... but what do I know.  It's Tammany Hall for one night, at least.

I think that's enough for now, don't you?  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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