Akoo Bows SyncAds For Mobile Promos


Akoo, a place-based TV network delivering entertainment content to mall food courts and college dining halls, has a new ad option, SyncAds. It allows advertisers to deliver calls to action with mobile devices simultaneously with traditional branded ad spots. The video ad featuring the mobile call plays on one screen, while the traditional spot plays on an adjacent screen.

The new ad option takes advantage of Akoo's dual-screen HDTV installations, pairing large digital screens in public areas as part of its "social TV" model. Typically, one screen displays entertainment content while the other invites viewers to participate in choosing which content will play next using their mobile devices.

By running a traditional TV spot on the right screen and a mobile call to action on the left screen, advertisers can achieve "a full takeover of the audio-visual experience in each location," according to Akoo.



The mobile call to action can include coupons, point-of-sale giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and other promotions designed to drive transactional behavior in a retail environment.

Overall, Akoo's social TV network covers mall food courts and college dining halls in 62 top U.S. markets -- reaching a total monthly audience of 90 million, including many young adult consumers. Its programming includes licensed music videos from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI, as well as exclusive artist interviews and branded entertainment content.

In late October, William M. Campbell III, a veteran broadcast and cable exec, assumed the role of president at Akoo. Campbell previously served as president of Discovery Networks from 2002-2007, where he oversaw all aspects of the domestic TV division, comprising 13 channels.

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