Just An Online Minute... Come On It's Lovely Weather For A Mini Burger Together With YOU

MORE Holiday Partys Parties (I can't believe I seriously typed "Partys"), New York, 2010

My holiday party coverage has changed this week at least 80 times.  Why? Because you people keep coming at me with weird wild wooly stuff.  And I'm just a girl who can't say no.  But I do it for you.  And I do it for the brownie tower.  And I do it for the mini-burgers.  And I do it in the hopes that in the midst of all that eye-bleeding, brain-boiling, temple-pulsing 4th quarter wrapping up, you'll open this email or read this online and grin.  Or grimace.  Because the grimace makers are always so much more fun to write.

"Tonight, tonight, tonight, toniii-iiight, woah OHhh" - Phil Collins, upon looking at my Google Calendar.  It's all about the ladies the tunes tonight, my good friends.  I'm covering the Women in Music holiday party at Idle Hands Bar, which is boasting an open bar for an hour upstairs (at Billy Hurricane's) but an open beer spout FOREVER downstairs, featuring one of my new faves, Kelso (also very up on the Tweeting).  Music and digital marketing go hand in hand, so it should be a great mix of people, music, and drunken tomfoolery.



"Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow" - Little Orphan Annie, upon hearing I'm on Day 10 of "no pizza for 3 weeks."  You read that right, I've entered a bet where I have to abstain from my best friend and confidante, pizza.  So I'm hoping that tomorrow's 30th (30 years!) Annual Muse Awards Luncheon won't be an endless pizza buffet.  What it will be is a creative and quirky event MC'd by Sade Baderinwa.    It doesn't end there, because later that evening I'll be over at Willow Lounge, a mystery place that I can only hope plays host to small woodland elves.  It will also contain the Traffiq holiday party.  Will it be as wild and blue as the Collective Winter Wonderland?  We shall see...

I don't have any more quotes for you.  But what I do have is a ridiculously packed Thursday night.  FIRST on the docket is the Yelp Snow Ball.  It has been too long since I've covered a Yelp event, so if you're going, be ready, I'll be wrestling you for a better spot in line for some Luke's Lobster. THEN Control Group is taking over the Woolworth Building (OK, just a floor, but the whole floor) for what they've billed as "legendary" (made of legends!), with live music, fresh (not rotten) art, and inspiring technology.  Should be pretty kickass. 

If I am still alive, I will thirdly be heading over to Tammany Hall for the Mr. Youth Holiday Party.   They have been adamant, nay, downright demanding, and I quote "Tell Kelly to get her ass there - the party's going to be f*cking epic."  I do not doubt that they will deliver - and you know you're going to want to see it, so I will do my best.  Cliff's Notes on Thursday: Legendary and Epic Snow Ball.

It doesn't slow down next week, with the Just An Online Minute dance card stuffed with the AICP Holiday Party, The Atlantic Holiday Party, Digital DUMBO's Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, Conversation's Naughty And Nice Holiday Party, and whatever else pops up to squeeze the life out of my liver.

It's going to be nuts, people.  Chestnuts.

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