Video Watching On Mobile Climbs


Users of mobile video continue to grow -- as does the time spent watching video -- but it's still a small piece of the overall mobile phone user population. In the second quarter, Nielsen says there was a 43% increase in people who have watched video on mobile device -- some 22 million. This represents about 10% of all mobile phone users, which stood at 229.4 million in the second quarter of this year -- a number that has climbed 4% over a year ago.

Monthly time spent among mobile subscribers watching video was three hours thirty-seven minutes, a 11.3% gain over the year before. That amounts to 22 more minutes in the second quarter 2010 versus the same period the year before.

The biggest users of mobile subscribers were teens 13-17, taking in some seven hours and 13 minutes a month of video; 18-24 users were next, with 4:20; followed by 25-34 users, at 3:37; 35-49 users at 2:53; adults 50-64 at 2:10; those 65 and older, 1:48; and persons 13 years and older (the entire mobile population) at 3:37.

Looking at overall share among each group, 25-54 users comprised 30% of all video usage; 35-49 was next, at 25%; then 13-17 users, 18%; 18-24 users, 15%; 50- to-64-year-olds, 11%; and 65-plus, 2%.

Overall, men use mobile video more than women -- 55% to 45%.



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  1. Howie Goldfarb from Blue Star Strategic Marketing, December 13, 2010 at 11:18 a.m.

    We all know Tablets are where this will explode. I got a Droid2 last august and watch very very little video on it due to the screen size limitations.

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