Just An Online Minute... 'Twas The Night Before Thursday, A Traffiq Holiday Party Poem

Traffiq Holiday Party, Willow Lounge, New York
December 8, 2010

This morning I woke up to the unventilated fumes of the apartment renovation beneath me.  My nose seemed to expand as my head clouded up with visions of pink elephants and marathon running wombats.  It was in this Lucy In The Sky moment that I decided: Today's Just An Online Minute will be one big fat poem. Set to the cadence of '"Twas The Night Before Christmas," because it's easier.

'Twas the night before Thursday
And Traffiq was feeling
Like sucking down bevs like Contextual Healing.

They packed Willow Lounge
With brown and white 'staches
While drinks with tequila and sour mix
drooped eye lashes.

The pretzels were poured into bowls with great care
Digitas' Thomas Tang said, "Where's the food?
Where where where?"



A tray came on through with its round little treats
Like an olive-stuffed radish
That tasted like feets.

I shot through the crowd, meeting Jay Hirschson and Elon Cohen
And spoke with DJ Denziner
Who kept the beats goin'.

I ran into Alejandra Urrabazo and Michael Hernandez of Carat
Who agreed Collective's party
Was almost too hot.

My belly was growling
So were the rest
I found Greg Moore in a sweet leather vest.

What is that smell
 Like a worm finding soil
I can always sniff out delicious truffle oil.

'Twas drizzled on spoonfuls
Of gooey mac 'n' cheese
Which the food vultures scooped up
Like mangy cats scoop up fleas.

Datran's Michael Hannon in his corduroy jacket
Talked with Jane Roy of Traffiq,
Not making a racket.

A burst of cold air announced Micheal Demby
He wasn't alone
He brought a Pontiflex

He was Daniel Egan, adept at deadpan
Email scraped his way through college
Before joining The Man.

I also met Scott Moore
In his jacket of suede
He was pimping his biz, GamerDNA, don't get played.

I had a repeat run-in
"OMG NO PICS!" she cried
Don't worry about my lens
There are no monsters inside.

Before I made haste
Into the cold dark of night
I met Michael Wayne Feinman
Wells Fargo keeps his money right.

I also met a fashion photog
In his vest, all bedazzled
And my cue to leave
Was when I noted guests frazzled.

Thank you to Traffiq
For a cozy chill eve
What was one man's lame
Was my welcome reprieve.

Photos are up on Flickr !

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