Just An Online Minute... A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The AICP Holiday Party

From The Atlantic to the foundation of angels, well Angel Orensantz Foundation for Contemporary Art that is.  For it was within that gorgeous former synagogue that AICP/East threw their holiday party, an event with celeb chef edibles, the customary AICP square bar, and dreidel tables. 

Before we even made it past Rivington, Karen Ram and I were pulled into a tiny studio - smack-dab in the middle of someone's internet talk show.   It was a group of Harvard grads up to Ivy League shenanigans.  The group had their full attention on pint size Ellen Reeves as she hosted "Talk Show", a mish mash of different segments including "I am my own stupid pet trick" where Ellen donned a crab hat and barked like a hurt puppy.   I demonstrated my own stupid pet trick, which will remain a mystery...maybe.  They were a witty, fun, and Hahhhhhvahhhhd self deprecating bunch who I would love to run into again.  Oh New York, you never bore me.



Up to Angel Orensantz. When I reached what I thought was the entrance I found Kiran Aditham of Agency Spy.  I've been seeing that guy everywhere lately, getting his adspionage on.  He directed us to the correct door, sending us on our way. 

I freaking LOVE the Angel Orensantz Foundation.  If your party had one cotton ball as décor and you served toast, it would still feel magical.  The flickering chandeliers tickled my brain, transporting me to medieval times.  Transporting me back to modern times was the delicious smell wafting from the back of the venue - the scent of food provided by Union Square Events, the catering business of restaurateur Danny Meyer.  I was so stuffed full of pulled pork discs I couldn't even pretend to eat anything.

I found AICP's Kristin Wilcha, who led me to the dreidel tables.  Everyone who attended the party was given a $2 chip at the door to wager with.  Proceeds from the tournament benefit the AICP Foundation, whose goal is to provide monetary support to other organizations that help nurture young up-and-comers.  When I popped over to the table, the guy with the fattest stack of chips was none other than Matt Miller, President and CEO of the AICP.

The U.S. Marines were on hand, representing Toys For Tots.  Guest were encouraged to bring new unwrapped toys for donation. I also met Gloria Pitagorsky of Sound Lounge and Yfat Neev and Win Peniston of Gravity.

Another fabulous AICP party in the bag, right on par with the other almost-magical event they throw at MoMA for the ACIP Show and Next Awards.  The parties are getting ulgier... as in ugly sweater amazing!  Digital DUMBO stuffed The DUMBO loft for its 22nd event, sponsored by AOL, and dressed up in ugly Christmas sweaters.  You'll read about that in a bit!

Photos are up on Flickr!

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