Tune-Up: Entertainment Radio, Source Interlink Expand Inventory


Entertainment Radio Network, which syndicates radio shows based on established magazine brands, will add eight new programs to their lineup Jan. 1.

In a partnership with Source Interlink Media and its Motor Trend Automotive Group, ERN has announced new car shows, including "Motor Trend," "Truck Trend," "Rod & Custom," "Circle Track" and "Motorcyclists," among others. That brings the network's weekly total to 13 programs.

Alan Taylor, CEO of ERN, quoting a "State of the News Media" report, noted that 53 million people tuned into talk radio stations each week in 2009, up from 48 million in 2007. That means talk radio reaches 17% of the U.S. population. "ERN's ability to make magazine brands come to life on-air creates a new kind of lifestyle programming perfectly situated in this growing media platform."



For auto enthusiasts, the print content is accessible cross-platform: radio shows, podcasts, videos, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone apps.

Taylor, a 30-year broadcast veteran and recognized automotive expert, served as the original host of "Motor Trend." "Bringing Alan on to host "Motor Trend" is another step in the evolution of our multimedia brand platform," said Ira Gabriel, executive vice president and group publisher of the Motor Trend Automotive Group. "Motor Trend Radio is an extension of the MTAG brand and through Alan's work, we will continue to communicate our expertise, credibility and authority within the automotive space to our audiences."

Source Interlink has more than 70 publications, 90 Web sites and various TV and radio shows.

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