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State Farm IPad App Helps Movers Move


State Farm is offering a free iPad app that does just about everything a mover could want except actually pack the box.

State Farm's MoveTools allows users to virtually pack every room in their house by clicking and dragging pictures of items into a moving box. For example, if you are packing your kitchen and you go to that page on the app, you will see a toaster, blender, kitchen knives, etc. Once the box is filled -- both virtually and for real -- users can print out a "smart label" to attach, which can be read by smartphones and reveals the contents.

After the move, a user can enter the name of an item and the app will report exactly which box it is in. "No more cramming stuff in boxes at the last minute or wondering where your toaster went," according to State Farm.

The insurer is promoting the app on its Web site with a link. There's also a YouTube video showing how the app works. The 2,200 State Farm agents who are using Facebook will share info on the app with their policyholders via the social media site.



The app also allows people to customize a weekly moving checklist to help plan their move and create an inventory of all their possessions. That inventory can be used to approximate the value of household items that could be referenced later for insurance replacement costs. And people can use the app to help organize their stored items.

The idea for the app was to "leverage the iPad form factor while contributing to the business opportunity of retaining moving customers," says Eli Winn, manager, State Farm enterprise Internet solutions. "The value of the application is meeting a true customer need, shifting brand perception and contributing to the retention of customers who are in the process of moving," she tells Marketing Daily.

However, the app is not limited to State Farm customers. "We believe the functionality in this app, specifically the packing and inventory features, is useful to current customers and potential customers alike," Winn says.

This is the first application from an insurer designed to assist people with relocation, according to the company. In August 2010, State Farm released the insurance industry's first Android widget called "On the Move," aimed at combating the issue of distracted driving.

State Farm may release future apps, Winn says. "Our mobile strategy revolves around delivering the products that our customers need and want," she says. "We will continue to make enhancements to our current apps by enabling additional features and functionality. We will also continue to look for unique opportunities to offer new products."


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