Out to Launch: Super Bowl Edition, Day 1

1Thou shalt show skin in a Super Bowl ad. It's in "The Contract," much to the dismay of Go Daddy Girls Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick. The ad, running in the second half of the big game, is a cliffhanger, similar to past Go Daddy Super Bowl ads. Something risqué is alluded to, but viewers need to go online to watch the ad's conclusion. Michaels and Patrick are contractually obligated to participate in an over-the-top ad. The ladies walk onstage, presumably naked, while a worker gawks and walks into a tripod. See it here. Another Go Daddy ad launches in the first half, promoting its domain. Michaels and Patrick will also star in this ad, along with an unnamed .CO spokeswoman. Ads were created in-house. 



2Bridgestone is running "Reply All" at the end of the first quarter, just before the start of the second quarter, and "Carma" in the middle of the fourth quarter. Here are the teaser ads for us to hypothesize about until Sunday. "Carma" with a "C" looks good. Carma is "the belief that one's good driving deeds do not go unrewarded." A man is about to drive over a bridge when he encounters a beaver in the road. Here is my guess on what happens. Something is wrong with the bridge and the beaver saves the man's life by cutting down a tree to block the man from the bridge. Perhaps in a previous car life, this man avoiding hitting the heroic beaver. Watch the teaser here and tell me what you think happens. "Reply All" is the reason why I keep my email correspondences short and sweet. A man sends an email to his cubicle mate, only to be informed that he mistakenly hit "reply all" in his response. His primordial scream indicates the response must be embarrassing and incriminating. What can he do? Hopefully, the guy is friends with the IT department, but that'd be too easy. Perhaps pull the fire alarm so the office clears out and he can manually delete each email? See the teaser ad here. The Richards Group created the campaign.

3Audi is launching a 60-second TV spot in the first quarter entitled, "Release the Hounds." The ad encourages viewers to redefine luxury, a stance similar to "Good Night," a 60-second spot Audi launched during the NFL playoffs. Audi's 2011 A8 sedan is once again the featured car advertised. If the 60-second ad is as good as the teaser spot, viewers are in for a treat. I wonder if Camp Cupcake looks like the prison shown in "Release the Hounds." A luxury prison is our ad's setting, featuring well-dressed prisoners sipping champagne, in jail cells with pricey artwork and furniture. I love the woman wearing a green facemask. Her skin shouldn't suffer just because she's locked up. Two inmates escape from their cell but how far they'll get is unknown. I'm told there's a cameo at the ad's conclusion and I have a feeling it will be good. Watch the teaser here, created by Venables Bell & Partners.

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