Stonyfield Touts Oikos Via Health Club Media Network

  • February 1, 2011
Stonyfield Farm promotes its Oikos Organic 0% fat Greek yogurt via Health Club Media Network (HCMN). The Oikos campaign will be at select health clubs in the HCMN network with ads coupled with tear-off, instant redeemable coupons (IRC) valued at $1 off any Oikos products.

The ads, touting the yogurt for having 0% fat and two times the protein of ordinary yogurts, uses the tagline, "Possibly the best yogurt in the world."

Said Anne-Sophie Schmitt, brand manager, Stonyfield Farm in a statement, "We turned to HCMN for this campaign in order to enhance awareness, drive trial and influence the opinions and purchasing behavior of Oikos among active adults." She said HCMN allows geo-targeting to select gym locations that were near key retailers that sell our products."  This is Stonyfield's first campaign with HCMN.



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