Gore: I'm Stuck On Level 10 Of Angry Birds

That's right. The former president, er vice president, of the United States, says he's not much of a gamer, but he apparently plays wildly successful iPhone game app: "Angry Birds."

But he just told attendees at the ANA's TV and Everything Video forum, that he's "stuck on level 10."

Gore's real point is that gaming is a very important part of the evolution of everything video, and it also will be an important part of his own video play, Current Media.

Gore disclosed plans for a new community-generated massive multiplayer game called "Bar Karma," which is being developed by "Sims" creator Will Wright. Gore said he created a "storyboard engine" that will allow Current Media's audience to "Write the script" of the game, even as they are playing it.

He said the "secret sauce" would be the ability to tap into "thousands of storytellers" that will also be playing the game.

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