Miracle Whip Embraces 'Haters'


The latest incarnation of Miracle Whip's distinctive "We're Miracle Whip and We Won't Tone It Down" brand positioning not only declares that the spread isn't for everyone, but is anchored by TV spots featuring both celebrities and actors representing average consumers who declare that they "hate" the brand, interspersed with praise from those who love it.

This newest leg in the campaign, from McGarryBowen, will get its first mass national exposure with a 60-second "Take A Side" spot to air on Feb. 23's "American Idol," and subsequently on the Oscars' pre-show broadcast.

The commercial features Miracle Whip lovers who include political commentator/strategist James Carville (praising it as "America," in contrast to "fancy-dancy, elite" mustards and "stuff like that") and comedian/author/TV and movie celeb Amy Sedaris (who notes that it's "always great in bed"), as well as actors extolling it for its tang, exotic sweetness and other unique qualities. (Not included in this leg of the campaign are the specifically anti-mayo messages that in 2009 prompted Stephen Colbert to "defend" mayonnaise and parody Miracle Whip's "hipster" creative approach ... which Miracle Whip countered by buying up blocks of ad time on "The Colbert Report.")



Countering the "lovers" are comments from "Jersey Shore"'s Pauly D ("I would never eat it, I would never put it on my head ... it's just wrong") and actors describing Miracle Whip as tasting like "spreadable disappointment" and "sweet lotion," among other things.

The driving "We're Not For Everyone (Are You Miracle Whip?)" theme and encouragement of consumers to post either a hate or love stance through a poll on a branded YouTube hub (auto linked to pop up when consumers enter the site) represent a first-of-its-kind marketing approach in the U.S., according to Kraft.

TV ads also include 30- and 15-second versions featuring somewhat different love/hate expressions from Carville, Pauly D and the actors (who, Kraft says, were chosen for their genuine, "undying passion" for or against the spread). Four of the videos were posted four days ago on the brand's YouTube channel, and as of today, one featuring Pauly D had already generated more than 63,000 views, and the one-minute "Take A Side" commercial had generated some 29,000 views.

Visitors to the YouTube channel can register to receive free samples, and the online (apparently uncensored) "love/hate" poll comments are accompanied by this brand message: "We were hoping you'd stop by ... this means you've tried [Miracle Whip], you want to, or you're lost. If you haven't tried us, you're in luck. We just so happen to have some free samples for you. We're a little loud and a little tangy. So after you get a taste, tell us what you think. If you've already tried us, congrats ... So what did you think? If it's unfettered hatred, that's cool. We know we're not for everyone. We just ask you to let it out on the right ["hate us" comments column]. If you love us, well, we love you, too. Confess it on the left ["love us" column].

The campaign will also feature print ads that begin running in March, and support via Miracle Whip's Facebook page.

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