Calling Don Draper: We (The Creative Circus, Not Just The U.S. Female Population) Want You!

Keep your fingers crossed for this fall's graduating class of the Creative Circus, an Atlanta-based school for students interested in a career in advertising.

Students David Ma and Deanna Director started a side project last year to bring "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm to speak at their graduation this fall, playing the role of Don Draper.

Ma and Director have been traveling the country and interviewing real creative directors, 30 so far, to help them pitch Don Draper. From creative directors of the present to one fictional creative director of the past.

Creative directors from Grey, Mullen, Leo Burnett, Wexley School for Girls, AKQA, BBH, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, and many other agencies have already lent a helping hand. Check out a full list of participants here.

"This entire project has been on our own dime," said David Ma. "From flights and bus rides to New York City and Boston, to all of the materials we have purchased to make this project a success, Deanna and I have footed the bill."

Jon Hamm, are you listening?

The students use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to highlight their project updates and discuss video uploads on their Grad Men blog.

Once the students have interviewed agency creative directors, they meet with the agency's social media person to further promote the effort via the agency's Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

AMC, home to "Mad Men," got wind of the project and fully supports the kids. They're still working for their man, however. On April 14 in Atlanta, the Atlanta Ad Club and 22 Squared are hosting a Grad Men party as another way to convince Hamm/Draper to appear this fall.

Ma said the biggest challenge for the students has been "the financial burden of flying around the country to make this happen."

The latest video, uploaded on Saturday, pitches Lee Clow, Chairman & Global Director of TBWA/Worldwide, to sit down for an interview with the Creative Circus.

"One of our dreams is to interview Lee Clow, today's Don Draper, in Los Angeles. We believe if we get Clow, we get Draper," continued Ma. 

Here's hoping for a Clow/Draper extravaganza!

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  1. Moth Man, March 28, 2011 at 5:33 p.m.

    Wait - is this some kind of joke? They're going to use an ACTOR from an albeit very good TV show to be a speaker at the graduation?

    Is this a drama school or an advertising school? There's a difference.

  2. Harry Webber from Smart Communications, Inc., March 29, 2011 at 1:52 a.m.

    This is just ridiculous. Aside from being a blatant self-promotion stunt, the thought that students of advertising are wasting their time AND money to rub shoulders with an actor instead of being focused on the troubles of an industry in free-fall is obscene.

    To gain access to these creative directors and then squander that precious time on such drivel is a strong indication of the the wrong-headedness of schools like Creative Circus and Portfolio Center who tell these kids they are rock stars instead of business strategists. Shame on them, and you for taking your eye off the ball.

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