Joe Mandese, editor-in-chief of MediaPost here, writing my first-ever one of these typically anonymous Ed:Blogs. Not sure why they've been anonymous up until now, because this whole thing began with OMMA founding editor Tobi Elkin and carried through to the masterful John Capone. But I should've known I'd be writing one of them sooner or later, ever since Capone told us last fall that he was relocating to Napa Valley for eight months while his fiancée, Courtney, completed a sommelier training program at the Culinary Institute of America's annex there. I mean, how could we possibly compete with wine country? We couldn't, so John has moved on, and, effective with this issue, no longer edits OMMA magazine, which is why you're reading this from me now. And why you'll be reading more in the pages of OMMA that I had a direct hand in. Like this month's cover story about a new generation of filthy rich media platforms that we've dubbed the "Nouveau Riche."

Not everyone likes that term, and we spent a considerable amount of time and energy debating the right label to put on this new, dynamic, data-rich, cloud-enabled form of real-time online advertising that makes traditional banners and rich-media ads look static by comparison. I'm not sure we've nailed what's going on here, and I'm not sure the concept has even fully evolved, but when you start putting one + one + one together the way we have over the past six months, listening to people like Akamai's David Kenny, Pictela's Matt Straz and Spongecell's Ben Kartzman, you know something is going on here. The team at the Interpublic Lab thought so too, and conducted some pretty compelling research around it, and graciously agreed to share it with us in advance. You can read about it in these pages, and link directly to their findings courtesy of the qr code embedded in that story. Yes, technology is changing, and so must printed trade magazines that cover them.

And it's not just print media, but all media, including online, which, as Jonathan Blum's post-browser world investigation shows, isn't strictly online anymore.

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