Studies: Smartphone Coupon Use Is Dialing Up


Two new surveys prove even further that smartphones are changing the way consumers do business and use media.  

According to a recent survey from Experian Simmons, the use of digital coupons -- including those that come via email and those used on smartphones -- is on the increase. Nearly a quarter (22%) of all U.S. adults said their household uses emailed coupons, up from 12% in 2005. (Comparatively, 68% of U.S. adults said their household uses print coupons -- a number that has remained relatively unchanged over the past five years.)

When it comes to smartphone users, digital couponing rates are even higher, says John Fetto, senior marketing manager for Experian Simmons. Among U.S. iPhone owners, 34% used digital coupons, compared with 21% of non-iPhone users. As smartphones become even more prevalent, the use of couponing is also likely to grow, Fetto says.



"As smartphones continue to make their way into the hands and pockets of consumers, we'll start seeing [coupons] used more," Fetto tells Marketing Daily. "I think they're going to be much more accessible as more consumers have smartphones."

(Indeed, smartphone penetration is increasing rapidly. According to new research from Arbitron, the number of smartphone owners ages 12 and older has doubled from 14% last year to 31% this year.

Interestingly, the use of digital coupons does not cut down on print coupon use. According to the survey, 99% of digital coupon users said their household also used print coupons, compared with 35% of print couponers using digital coupons. Digital coupon users also used them for a wider variety of purchases and at a greater variety of stores than those who used only print coupons, Fetto says.

"This strongly suggests that people who use coupons are more likely to use all kinds of coupons," he says. "Furthermore, the digital coupon users are even more extreme coupon users."

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