Presentations Go Mobile

According to the new SlideRocket Presentation Index, mobile presentation views have skyrocketed in 2011 with a 640% increase. Now, one in every ten presentations is viewed on a mobile device, with iPhone as the top choice. The data also shows that adding audio and video components to presentations dramatically improves viewer attention, says SlideRocket.

Presentations are the most commonly used business tool, second only to email, yet many remain static, one-way communications. The Presentation Index describes emerging trends in how presentations are being reinvented and new ways professionals are interacting with this critical business application. With more than 302 million active mobile accounts in the US today, business has officially broken out of the office walls:

  • Mobile presentation adoption has skyrocketed in the past three months alone and is predicted to continue its acceleration. iPhone leads the device pack in mobile presentation adoption with the highest number of total views (39%) in Q1 2011, followed closely by iPad (37%) and then Android (24%). While Android brings up the rear in total presentation views, it leads the pack in rate of growth for presentation viewing, at an impressive 789% growth in Q1.
  • The results of another SlidRocket survey on mobile and business trends show that 90% of professionals spend more time pitching outside the office, including meetings, tradeshows and social events, than inside the office walls.
  • According to the survey results, 32% of professionals currently use a smartphone or tablet as their primary computing device. By 2012, 57% of professionals expect to use a smartphone or tablet as their primary computing device.

Audio and visual components are essential to capturing and maintaining an audience's attention throughout a presentation, says the report. Studies show that information retention nearly doubles with images versus text only:

  • The Study shows that a near perfect 98% of presentations with audio are viewed to the end.
  • The Index also shows that presentations with video are viewed nearly 20% longer than those without.

Chuck Dietrich, CEO of SlideRocket, notes that "... (not all) resentations take place with someone standing in front of a roomful of people...  it's about telling your story when it's most convenient... on any device... "

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