Search Me: Emitations Rings Up Profit From Royal Wedding


Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, may have tied the knot at Westminster Abbey Friday, but online retailer Emitations expects it will continue to capitalize on their bliss.

Au-Co Mai, CEO Emitations, which merchandises products based on trends related to pop culture, began an online search campaign to market Princess Diana's ring as Kate Middleton's the day Prince William proposed. "It's really the same story when seen through Google Analytics," she said.

Google's search engine marketing analytics platform identified that Emitations Web site visits rose 90% on Nov. 16, 2011, and on the following day daily revenue rose by 66% compared with the previous day, Mai said.

The company built a marketing campaign based on the royal wedding, tapping into affiliate networks, 26,000 Facebook Fans, and contests and giveaways. The company also launched a Web site and landing page supported by paid-search ads and videos to capture searches related to the ring. highlights the ring and the Royal relationship.

Mai said click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates for Kate Middleton-related keyword terms have doubled in the past 30 days. While not all clicks result in sales, each average order rose, compared with sales of other items on the site. A "remarketing drip campaign" for buyers to cross-sell related items helps, she explains.

During the week prior to the wedding, April 21 and 28, 2011, searches for the Kate Middleton style ring drove 17% of all product page views on the site, 18% of all items sold, and 18% of revenue. For, momentum remained consistently strong since November. Between Nov. 14 and 18, 2010, around the engagement announcement, the Middleton style ring drove 11% of all product views on the site, 16% of all items sold and 20% of overall revenue.

Sales on initially spiked 400% following the announcement, and recently spiked to the highest levels since Christmas. About a 400% increase since two weeks ago. Mai expects this to continue for another few weeks, although perhaps not at the same rate.

Emitations also worked with media outlets, such as fashion print publications, national and daily deal sites, as well as The View,, Good Day New York, and TLC Royal Wedding programming.


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