Facebook Pages Get Personal By Klout

Klout has tapped Involver's marketing platform to bring its social influence measurement tools to Facebook. The deal, announced Wednesday, will provide brands with a new way to engage with influential fans and reward consumers based on their influence.

An agency or brand can create a custom experience using Klout scores to unlock the ability to uniquely target connected influencers. Facebook has been largely devoid of the ability to filter how brands focus their attention, so this integration marks the first time brands can engage with their fans on Facebook using Klout's scoring system, according to the companies.

By partnering with Involver, Klout's Facebook app is easily deployed to more than 400,000 brands and agencies using Involver's platform. The Klout app is available as a free application and with progressively more features enabled as a part of Involver's Professional, Business, and Enterprise offerings with advanced features including deeper customization, and content control based on Klout scores.



"This is a huge leap for creating a one-to-one experience to reach enthusiasts, loyalists and intenders of a brand using Klout data," said Emily Crume, sales at Digg, which is working on a variety of social services. "It's about reaching the right people with the right information at the right time."

The free Klout app offers a variety of features as a part of Involver's Professional, Business, and Enterprise offerings, with advanced features including deeper customization.

Audi USA deployed the Klout app to engage with nearly 4 million fans. Live now on Audi's Facebook fan page, users receive a custom experience, tailored to them based on their Klout score. On Audi's Facebook page, fans who sign up to get their Klout Score will receive a custom digital Perk.

A brand deploys the Klout App and configures its settings. When fans interact with the application, the brand can show different content based on the user's Klout score. Klout describes it as when a user reaches a specific level he gets access to unreleased content such as a new trailer, product, or coupon. That person is more likely to share it if the content becomes specific to him.

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