Action Sports, Grind Partners With


The Action Sports Group/Grind Networks, a division of Source Interlink Media, is partnering with to sell and deliver targeted online video advertising across its network of sites, including Web sites for Surfer, Surfing, Dirt Rider magazines, and 

The target is young male viewers, Source Interlink's primary audience.

Through its partnership with, ASG/Grind will gain access to for Publishers' suite of video monetization tools, which will allow it to optimize ad targeting with demographic information through the Marketplace.

This includes scheduling and implementing direct ad sales and sponsorship sales for pre-roll video ad campaigns. The partnership also gives ASG/Grind access to's existing stable of hundreds of advertising clients.



According to, sports content was one of the top five most popular content categories in the Marketplace, in terms of first-quarter ad spending. Overall, brings together more than 5,200 sites selling video ad inventory and claims to execute hundreds of campaigns on a daily basis.

ASG/Grind Networks Vice President for Digital Greg Morrow stated: "With more than half of our U.S. demographic falling within the most desirable audiences for advertisers," noting that's custom integration "gives us the precision control over inventory we need to effectively manage our business and strengthen our competitive advantage."

In late May, ASG/Grind parent company Source Interlink announced that it was buying Mind Over Eye, a digital ad agency that specializes in digital marketing and visual effects, including producing spots for television, Internet, mobile and feature film distribution (often employing CGI).

Source Interlink said it plans to consolidate similar creative capabilities with Mind Over Eye and bill itself as a "full-service creative agency."

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