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SimfyA talking unibrow offers its owner great music advice but still comes off as creepy in a German TV ad for music subscription service simfy. Singing the awesome Kajagoogoo song "Too Shy" while getting ready for work, a man's unibrow introduces him to the streaming world of simfy. Freaked out by his talking unibrow, the man shaves it off. Finally. Naturally, the man's eyebrows now do the talking, or should I say singing? Watch it here. Jung von Matt/Fleet created the ad, directed by Brian Lee Hughes of Stink, Berlin.

San Francisco GiantsBaseball fans are a superstitious bunch. San Francisco Giants fans are looking for a repeat World Series win, so they're replicating actions from last year, even if that means breaking an arm. Comcast launched a series of ads for its "Let's repeat last year" campaign that highlights the lengths fans will go to ensure a repeat championship. One man broke his arm in three places when he fell from a ladder. He's confident his orange cast was the reason the Giants won the World Series. So it seems perfectly normal for the man to jump off a ladder and break his arm again. It's for the team. See it here. Mom intentionally takes her daughter's hamster outside, repeating last summer's incident when the hamster was briefly lost. It might have been the reason the Giants won. Watch it here. Each ad drives viewers to a Web site where fans can Tweet their baseball superstitions. Don't forget to include the hashtag, #helpthegiantswin. BBDO San Francisco created the campaign.



HeinekenHeineken Light launched "Snakeskin Jacket," a TV spot for its "Occasionally Perfect" campaign. The spot shows a debonair man donning his snakeskin jacket for all occasions, even ones where the jacket would be deemed "too much," like a job interview or 18 holes of golf. The snakeskin jacket is a perfect fit for a secret offshore charity snake-fighting event and, coupled with a Heineken Light, the night is deemed perfect. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

AT&TAT&T launched a hysterical TV spot highlighting the iPhone's ability to let users talk and surf simultaneously. The phone makes winning live radio trivia contests a breeze. A woman sits in a living room overrun with contest prizes. There are multiple coffee makers, gift baskets, a snowboard and an oversized chess set. A radio DJ asks her a difficult geography question: what is the deepest lake in the U.S.? She answers the question with ease and is offered two prizes that she already owns. When she's offered a day with '70s rocker Edgar Winter, she opts for another "bouncy castle" since Winter is already a fixture in her home. Watch the ad here, created by BBDO New York.

Los Angeles MissionThe Los Angeles Mission, an organization that helps homeless men, women and children in Los Angeles and the Skid Row area, launched a sobering PSA to coincide with the group's 75th anniversary. "Quick Fix" shows that there is no fast fix when it comes to homelessness, and that changing a person's outward appearance doesn't solve or remedy inner struggles. A homeless man is taken off the streets of L.A. for a daylong makeover, similar to makeover programs seen on TV. The man gets a manicure, haircut, time in a tanning bed and new clothes. Then he's returned to where he was picked up on the streets, and left to fend for himself. Problem not solved. See the PSA here, created by 180LA.

US Air ForceThe US Air Force launched "Aerovac," the service's latest "It's not science fiction" ad. But is it fiction? A slew of planes arrive at a disaster scene, eagerly looking for survivors. A woman and children are found and rushed onto planes with high-tech medical equipment. This I believe. When the plane changes color and armor mid-air, I'm left intrigued. Do planes like this exist? Watch it here. Great special effects provided by MassMarket with editing by Arcade Edit. GSD&M Idea City created the ad.

Kate Moss seductively dances for a rabbit in an ad for Dream Collection for Basement but the rabbit seems unphased. Moss is scantily clad and swaying to a cover of Brenda Lee's 1950s' hit "Sweet Nothin's." Once Moss offers the rabbit a bouquet of carrots, he changes his tune and gifts Moss with a dress from Basement's Dream Collection. A kiss is imminent until an alarm clock sounds. Was it all a dream? Unlikely, for Moss is wearing her gifted dress and surrounded by adorable baby bunnies. Watch the ad here, created by Dittborn & Unzueta Terna and edited by Diego Panich of Wild(child).

LottoBritish Columbia Lottery Corporation launched an amusing ad for Poker Lotto, a new game that gives players the chance to win instantly at purchase and again later in a nightly drawing. Since the game offers players more than one chance, outtakes and bloopers make up the entire spot. While shooting the ad, the actor walks too close to the camera, his cell phone goes off and a wall falls down. "It's good to have more than once chance" closes the ad, seen here and created by DDB Canada, Vancouver.

I hope Joe gets a brand new Honda from the car company when he hits the million-mile mark. That's some feat. Joe lives in Norway, Maine and drives roughly 62,000 miles yearly. His 1990 Honda Accord still runs great and is slated to hit 1 million miles this September. Honda is following Joe's journey on its Facebook page and as of this afternoon he only had 16,529 miles to go. Watch the intro video here, created by RPA.


Hotel Tonight AppRandom iPhone App of the week: Spontaneity is rewarded with HotelTonight, an app for booking same-day hotel deals or getting out of a bind when a flight gets canceled. The app lets users book rooms until 2am and offers 3 hotel options every day per city: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Users who download the app receive a $25 credit towards their first booking and another $25 credit for every friend they refer who books a room. HotelTonight also provides location details, public transportation routes and whether or not you'll get free WiFi or complimentary breakfast. The app is free in the App Store.

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