Baseball Strikes Out With Major Players


Television ratings for Major League Baseball's All Star game dropped this year; this may be partly because of players' marketability.

Big perennial stars like New York Yankees' Derek Jeter -- despite the high profile of getting his 3,000th hit recently -- didn't play. Other big baseball stars elected not to play as well, due to injuries. According to Nielsen, Jeter had a league-leading 165 "N-score" for marketability.

Nielsen says that is just shy of the combined scores for all starting players in the All-Star game.

The N-Score evaluates name, image awareness, appeal and attributes such as sincerity, approachability, experience and influence to determine a player's endorsement potential.

The biggest scorer for the All-Stars was Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers' outfielder, who has a 40 number. New York Yankees' Robinson Cano comes next with a 23 number. Cano went on to win the Home Run Derby the day before. The New York Yankees' Curtis Granderson was third with a 16 number. Overall, American League stars amassed a 97 score.



There is lesser marketing visibility over in the National League start list. The best-placed player was Milwaukee's Ryan Braun at a 16 N-Score. The Los Angeles Dodgers' Matt Kemp is next at 14. Overall, National League starters totaled 78.

There has been ample criticism of major profile players who are electing not to play. That decision could be having an effect on viewership, which dipped 10% from a year ago.


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