eXelate's CEO Coins Term For DMP

Since it's all about online marketing and targeting ads based on behavior using data, here's a new acronym that DMP industry insiders may want to use referring to platforms managing data. Mark Zagorski, eXelate CEO, refers to his company's DMP as a data marketing, rather than management, platform.

Longboard Media, an ad network supporting some well-known online shopping sites such as and, signed a deal with eXelate to tap the company's DMP, allowing companies to monitor access to audience segment data.

The ad network will use eXelate's DataLinX platform to compile and centralize data from a variety of sites in hopes publisher can better reach audiences. The toolset allows companies to push data into eXelate's marketplace, as well as sell or trade the data through another marketplace, providing the backbone to capture, sort, and better manage the data targeted to consumers on and off the sites at companies such as Autobytel, and HomeAway. The platform also aims to create sales and generate revenue for publishers.



"You can manage something all day long, but manage is a weak term," Zagorski said, admitting it's all in the name of marketing. "The guys who use this platform are marketers, and we built a platform that lets them use data to reach and monetize audiences, as well as market to them."

Since everything is Web-based, a simple line of code allows companies to capture audience data and share it with another company, advertiser or brand. It lets companies like Longboard capture and central data from multiple sources. They can use the data for lots of different development deals such as communicating directly with the brand to target ads toward consumers on multiple types of media sources. Brands can use the data across ad exchanges such as Right Media or AppNexus.

Last month, Longboard and mobile shopping application ShopSavvy helped Best Buy launch a targeted and location-based campaign for local stores and branding content. The ads are delivered when consumer using ShopSavvy apps scan relevant products with their smartphones at Best Buy stores. The campaign encourages consumers to create a back-to-school checklist when the application identifies the consumer at the retail store.

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