YuMe Net: CPG Top Advertiser, Most Target Females

Among all video advertisers, the consumer packaged-goods category remained the top spender during the second quarter of the year, according to new data from video ad network YuMe.

That said, the share-of-spend by CPG advertisers dropped considerably from 28% in the first quarter to 17% in the second.

By contrast, telecom advertisers' share-of-spend increased significantly for the second quarter in a row -- from 11% in the first quarter to 16% in the second, per YuMe.

YuMe's findings were gleaned from the more than 1,500 publisher sites on which it serves video ads. The company was quick to point out that the statistics are representative of its network and may not accurately reflect the overall online video marketplace.

Representative of womens' perceived spending power, females 25 to 54 were the most-requested demographic, making up 14% of advertisers' request for proposal volume.

To put that number into perspective, requests for female demographics were triple the requests for male demographics during the second quarter, YuMe reports.



Pre-roll continued to be the most utilized format representing 91.4% of YuMe's ad volume during the second quarter. Specifically, they delivered the highest completion rates: 15-second pre-roll impressions continued to rise, making up 68% of impressions in the second quarter.

Still, custom ad unit impressions doubled from quarter-over-quarter -- accounting for 6.3% of impressions during the second quarter of the year.

During the period, the majority of ad impressions YuMe served were in California -- at 10.2% of total volume -- followed by Texas -- at 6.4% -- and New York at 6.2%.

YuMe's analysis was based on average video completion rates, regardless of pre-roll length. Targeted audience demographics were based on audiences targeted by advertisers, as stated in their respective requests for proposal.

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