Univision To Start 'TV Everywhere' Service in 2012

Univision will soon be joining the ranks of programmers like Turner Broadcasting when it comes to "TV Everywhere" efforts.

Next year the Spanish-language TV network group intends to start up a "TV Everywhere" service focused from its three Hispanic cable networks' telenovelas, sports and news, according to Multichannel News.

Speaking at an New York City industry event on Wednesday, Tania O'Connor, president of distribution, sales and marketing, said TV programs will be included from Univision TL Novelas, Univision Deportes and another network.

But Univision didn't name any TV Everywhere deals it inked with either cable, satellite, or telco distributors as part of this effort.

Recently, Turner Broadcasting started up a "TV Everywhere" effort for its programming where existing customers of its approved cable, satellite, or telco TV/video programming services could view its programming on non-traditional TV digital outlets, such as smartphones and tablets.

Typically, TV networks have been revamping deals with their video retailers when it comes to distributing its TV programming under so-called "TV Everywhere" deals. Turner has made deals with eight of its affiliates.

Univision says TV Everywhere apps will be made available for novelas, sports and news. O'Connor says the company hopes TV Everywhere apps do much better than the company's video-on-demand efforts which has not been promoted by cable operators and hasn't seen success.



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