Video App Use Soars On Net-Connected TV

Most consumers use video apps via their Internet-connected televisions anywhere from two to five hours a week.

According to a new study from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and The Nielsen Company, 54% of all users of video apps on Internet-connected TVs are using those sites for longer periods than on other devices. This is in contrast to the 75% of consumers who use video apps on their mobile devices anywhere from a total of 30 minutes to two hours a week.

But that video watching on mobile devices isn't necessarily in use on the road, at work, or places away from home. Some of this has to do with users connecting their tablets to TVs.

“Regardless of mobile device, roughly 75% of video app users are most commonly accessing video apps while in the home,” said Char Beales, president/chief executive officer of CTAM.

Still, it is not surprising that overall, mobile devices such as smartphones and iPod Touches account for higher video app viewing levels during the daytime. During evening hours -- prime time, 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. -- users turn to the larger screens of in-home devices such as gaming consoles, Internet-connected video devices and TVs and tablets for video app viewing.



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