Canoe's Interactive Ads Up Brand Recall

A study of interactive/advanced TV advertising situations has been found to improve consumer engagement for brands and brand recall, according to findings released by Canoe and the Association of National Advertisers.

An online panel revealed improved results for consumers in response to various advanced television experiences -- asking for new information, coupons, samples -- in addition to better recall.

On average, the study found that 18% of adults 18-49 years of age said “yes” to interactive offers. In addition, so-called "unaided brand recall" for a test brand grew 126% following an interactive offer -- regardless of whether the viewer accepted the offer.

Findings also revealed there was a 29% "likelihood" to purchase the test brand when exposed to an interactive offer, as well as a 29% higher "likelihood" to seek more information.

Kathy Timko, Chief Executive Officer of Canoe, stated:  “We see that some of the most important brand metrics -- unaided brand recall, purchase intent and likelihood to seek additional information -- see a lift from the insertion of attention-grabbing and engaging interactive offers."

The Canoe Ventures results were released with the ANA under a research endeavor called "CEE MEE" -- which stands for Connection, Emotion and Experience of advanced television solutions (including interactive television), in relation to measurement, efficiency and engagement metrics.

Fidelity, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Kimberly-Clark and State Farm were the first ANA members to join the effort, which collects insights from a proprietary online panel of TV viewers/consumers. The panel also gives opinions on media consumption, technology and other topics in surveys, discussion boards, blogs and live chats.



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