JAGTAG Co-Founders File Mobile Targeting Patent

Dudley Fitzpatrick, along with JAGTAG co-founder Jason Alan Snyder, updated a U.S. patent application this month filed in June 2011 for "Apparatuses, Methods And Systems For Anticipatory Information Querying And Serving On Mobile Devices Based On Profiles." 

The application describes a method to use a code-triggered information server to serve content, demographics and behavior-targeted information to users via mobile devices.

The patent claims to provide a method for predicting user interest and situations from analyses and supplying information to users based on activity interests. It also determines a target time and place to send messages.

It's interesting that the patent points to the increase of mobile consumer electronic and wireless networking technology that allows for the development of business methods incorporating Global Positioning System (GPS) and location awareness for mobile devices, along with barcodes, data matrices, radio frequency identification technology, and near field communication. It also points to advertising platforms, such as Google AdSense, which allows advertisers to match consumer interests and behavior with content.



In July, mobile marketing firm Augme Technologies acquired JAGTAG for $5.25 million. Last year, JAGTAG made its 2D barcode platform available across 90% of mobile subscribers. 

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