IMAX To Push Marketing, 'Sensory' Movie Experience

Imax-TheaterIMAX, which bills itself as the purveyor of transcendent motion picture experiences, wants to establish itself as a consumer brand and will launch a marketing campaign in the first half of next year.

The concept will focus on the company “providing the most sensory engaging moviegoing experience possible,” while looking to convey a “powerful and visceral message that will connect with consumers on an emotional level,” according to CEO Rich Gelfond.

The company, which has benefited from the 3D surge, has been conducting market research in eight global markets seeding the campaign. In the U.S., it has found consumers are “extremely satisfied” with their IMAX experience and satisfaction scores topping 90%.



“Our awareness in North America is comparable to other world-class brands such as Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola, with a well-established aided awareness level of 94%” Gelfond said on an investor call.

In the U.S., Gelfond said IMAX has been successful in some smaller markets.

While Gelfond said IMAX is still evaluating the market research results from international markets, the company is bullish on China as ripe territory for expansion. It has made inroads there; plus, there are still 35 cities with populations of 1 million-plus with no movie theaters.

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