( is not your average agency website. The Flash technology is checked at the door, and what lies within is an impressive resource to anyone in the advertising industry.

The site is broken down into eight sections: Zenith Facts, Zenith Books, Daily Sites, Useful Sites, Time Line, Quote Pages, Category Sites, and Media Sites. Zenith Facts is dedicated to Zenith, its properties, clients, and capabilities. Zenith Books showcases publications and guides produced by Zenith and its subsidiaries. Daily Sites is a directory of sites broken down into categories including advertising news, general news, weather, search engines, marketing news, and media news, among others.

Useful Sites Ñ a plus for those in the advertising industry Ñ classifies websites into categories such as advertising resources, cutting edge, Internet marketing, media and media research, and so on. Each main category is then broken down into numerous subcategories, making the search for topics organized and easy. The site is a excellent place to gather information to start your plan.

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