Mogreet Builds Video Ad Developer Network

LegosMobile video marketing company Mogreet will build a developers' network supporting "tens of thousands" of app developers worldwide, the company's CEO James Citron told MediaPost. The company built a series of tools on open-source technology. Now, it plans to reach out to the 50,000 to 100,000 app developers just in the U.S. trying to build the next Foursquare or Twitter. 

Citron declined to share the number of developers Mogreet works with today, but the company plans to nurture a strategy allowing developers to use Mogreet's tools as the building blocks to support mobile video apps. The tools enable small, long-tail companies to build technology previously only available to the Fortune 500. 

The mobile video group at Mogreet has grown about 1200% year-on-year, Citron said.



"If we were working with a big company that launches software updates every three to six months, it wouldn't be fast enough," he said. "We launch new features every three to four days." 

The tools and network will allow developers to shrug off the worries about APIs when their company's vice president of marketing requests a new platform. Developers can go directly to Mogreet and start using its tools. 

More companies across a variety of media will begin to build tools for third-party developers. It's a proven strategy tapped by Google, Facebook and Microsoft to keep their respective company growing. Microsoft is building a preferred partner program with Yahoo to give search engine marketers better insight into adCenter's product road map.

Expect mobile video to play that same role. It also will support the next U.S. election, Citron added. He describes how one of the more exciting forms of mobile technology next year will market politics through video. In 2008, President Barack Obama used text messaging to change the perception of the political world. Politicians will begin tapping into the next generation of mobile, such as location-based services, in the future. 

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