Special K Offers Customized Weight-Loss Solutions

The Special K Challenge, launched in 2003 by Kellogg, is getting a makeover for 2012.

The biggest enhancement: A new app on the Special K site enables consumers to select weight-loss plans customized to their needs, designed by Special K dieticians (and of course incorporating Special K cereals and other products).

The app generates individualized daily eating plans based on a variety of factors, including three lifestyle options that customize the types of recipes (on-the-go, foodie or vegetarian); caloric needs based on gender and age; typical activity/exercise level (low, medium, high); and height and current weight. With this data plus the individual’s goal date, it also helps determine a reasonable, healthy weight-loss goal for the period specified.

Designed by RazorFish, the program also offers registrants/participants access to support from the brand community and social media sharing; customized support newsletters; coupons and journaling.



The journaling function enables easy daily logging of an individual’s mood, as well as weight and exercise—tying into Special K’s marketing emphasis on encouraging Challenge participants to focus on what they stand to gain emotionally by losing weight, rather than fixating only on the numbers on the scale. The progress tracking is auto-activated by registration.

Users can also download a mobile app edition for iPhones and Androids to access daily menus and detailed shopping lists, or make changes to their plans.

Another major new component: Participants can follow the weight-loss journey of “Tracey,” a brand spokesperson who is herself embarking on the Special K Challenge.  She is the host of Facebook-accessible videos that guide users through the features and benefits of the site, and will also offer inspiration/support through video diaries and updates on major social media channels, plus engage with participants via the brand’s new Twitter handle (@SpecialKUS).

The new Challenge program will be supported by a Leo Burnett television campaign, launching Dec. 26, that features testimonials from real women sharing “what they hope to gain when they lose.”

In addition, on Jan. 2, Special K will hold “National Weigh-In Day” events in New York City and Los Angeles. Those who step on the brand’s special scale need not fear: The machine will generate an inspirational word or phrase related to the emotional benefits of achieving a goal, not publicly display the user’s weight.

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