Apple Keeps Top Spot In Media Value

AppleApple reclaimed the No. 1 spot in the top 20 global brands for media value, thanks to buzz about the iPhone 4S release and Steve Jobs' death, according to a report. The company generated $301,007 value in news media; $309,190 in social media; and $289,765 in Twitter. It built a business model by delivering fun gadgets on popeietary systems that lock consumers into digital content and cloud services. 

Both events -- the iPhone 4S release and Steve Jobs' death -- generated more than $151 million of media value in three days. The Media Value Report: Brand Exposure Analysis Q4 2011 points to Apple's sales and profit records for the quarter and fiscal year, breaking through $100 billion. The company's plans to change the television industry also generated excitement.



Apple's iPhone 4S smartphone remains one of the most desired by consumers, although Google's Android continues to gain momentum. Of the consumers who got a new smartphone between September and December, 44.5% surveyed said they chose an iPhone, compared with just 25.1% in October, according to Nielsen.

Sliding to No. 2, the General Sentiment report finds news and social media discussions about Google declined in Q4. The company failed to recreate the buzz from its Q3 Motorola Mobility and Zagat purchases. Google did attract attention to its online music store intended to compete with Apple's iTunes and Amazon's music store. New media generated $198,225 in buzz value; $345,117 in social media; and $228,9888 in Twitter. 

Google also attracted attention with its airline flight search service that reached into the online travel industry. It ended 2011 with more than 150 million users per month, making it the top digital U.S. Web company.

Microsoft took the No. 3 spot, declining slightly. The company tried to create buzz by talking about future products, and by the year's-end, most of the talk centered on a new "superphone" running Windows 8. News media generated $79,156; social media $209,289; and Twitter, $78,189.

Rounding out the top 10, Hewlett- Packard stepped in line at No. 4, followed by Yahoo, Sony, Samsung, Disney, Intel, and BlackBerry, respectively.  

Although a top Perception Media Value Loser last quarter, L'Oreal bounced back to take the No. 1 spot in the Perception Media Value Winner category with the acquisition of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories. Johnson & Johnson took the No.2 spot, followed by Heinz, Cartier, Ikea, Johnnie Walker, Moet & Chandon, Smirnoff, SAP and Santander, respectively.

The top 10 losers when it comes to Perception Media Value include Danone, Allanz, Honda, Panasonic, Zurich Financial, Reuters, Intel, Toyota, Kellogg's and John Deere.

The General Sentiment Media Value Report calculates the dollar value of the buzz, content and conversation online created through product launches, ad campaigns, earnings reports and more.

The media value measures the impact and assigns positive value to all mentions of the brand determined by sentiments. Perception value separates the effect of sentiment on the brand's value by assigning a score to both positive and negative mentions. 

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