Men, Women Favor Same On-Premises Vodka Brands

Grey-GooseWhen it comes to beverages ordered in restaurants and other away-from-home venues, men and women generally prefer the same vodka brands. Moreover, the preferences are also fairly similar across age groups.

So finds a new report on on-premise/away-from-home alcoholic beverages trends from The NPD Group, based on a survey of a U.S.-representative sample of 33,750 U.S. consumers 21 and over. NPD notes that fully 36% of all beverages ordered away-from-home by Americans 21 or older are alcoholic beverages.

The #1 and #2 vodka brands -– Grey Goose and Absolut, cited as the preferred away-from-home brands by 18% and 12% of total respondents, respectively -- are both preferred equally by men and women, reports NPD.

The next three in the rankings –- Smirnoff, Ketel One and Stolichnaya (preferred by 10%, 7% and 5% of total respondents, respectively) –- show only a slight preference skew among men versus women.



Grey Goose is also the #1 most-preferred brand across age groups, cited as the favorite by 18% of those 21 to 34, 18% of those 35 to 49 and 17% of those 50 and older.

Among the youngest group, Smirnoff is second (12%), followed by Absolut (9%) and Ketel One (4%).

Among those 35 to 49, Absolut is second (14%), followed by Ketel One (10%), with Smirnoff close behind (9%).

Among those 50 and older, Absolut is again second (14%), followed by Smirnoff (10%) and Ketel One (7%).

What is Grey Goose doing right? NPD hasn’t publicly revealed factors behind brand-specific performance, but it’s interesting to note that Grey Goose doubled its summer-season ad spending last year with the objective of having the “#1 share of voice” among vodkas during that critical period, brand director Michelle Beauchamp told Marketing Daily.

The push included heavy airing between May and September of the brand’s distinctive black-and-white “Reunion” TV spot (originally launched during the winter holidays). And that ad -- showing young-adult friends getting together in an upscale nightclub over Grey Goose cocktails, with the Rolling Stone’s “Miss You” as the only audio component – harks back to Grey Goose’s original on-premise-directed marketing strategy, as opposed to the brand’s previous “Discerning Tastes” campaign, which stressed the premium brand’s quality/sensory benefits.

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