McDonald's #4 Among Top 10 Hispanic Advertisers

  • March 14, 2012

McDonald's was the fourth-largest U.S. Hispanic media advertiser in 2011, although its spend of $114.4 million was down 2.6% versus 2010, according to new data from Kantar Media.

Only Broadcasting Media Partners, Procter & Gamble and Dish Network Corp. spent more to reach the Hispanic audience.

The advertisers holding fifth to tenth rankings in terms of total Hispanic ad spending last year were Verizon, AT&T, General Mills, Toyota, Kraft, and General Motors. 

Total advertising spending on U.S. Hispanic media among the top 10 advertisers leapt 29.2%, to $1.4 billion, accounting for 25% of total Hispanic media spend.

The Hispanic media spending gains were driven by an 8.3% increase for Spanish-language TV, the largest medium in dollar terms. Spanish-language magazines also saw a big gain: 24.9%. 

In comparison, total U.S. media spending roset 0.8% last year (to $144 billion).

The U.S. restaurant industry as a whole spent $5.87 billion on advertising across all media, putting it in ninth place among the top 10 advertising categories for 2011.




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