Survey: Car Shoppers Going Mobile

More than seven in 10 mobile users are open to, or already, using their smartphones or tablets as part of the car-buying process, a new survey finds. The study by mobile ad network Verve Wireless also indicates nearly half recall seeing an automotive ad on their device in the last 30 days.

When people are researching auto purchases, the main types of information they’re looking for is material about a particular model (40%), photos (38%), and dealership locations (25%). The kinds of vehicles people are interested in are fairly diversified, with SUVs leading the way (15), followed by sports cars (13%), crossovers (10%) compact cars and sedans (each 9%), and trucks (8%).

The survey of Verve Wireless end users, also suggests mobile users are receptive to special offers—85% say they’d be willing to visit a local dealership to test drive a new vehicle if they were to receive an incentive on their device. More than half also say it’s very important for their next car to be mobile-friendly—equipped with Bluetooth technology, for example, or have the ability to sync with apps on their phone.

With some 1,700 publishers on its network, Verve says it reaches 73% of active mobile users in the U.S.

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