Marketers Can Capitalize On Women's Social Media Engagement

Texting-WomenA new survey from WPP's Mindshare exploring women’s social media consumption and other activities indicates that about half of the women polled believe social media dilutes the quality of human interaction. 

But for younger women ages 18 to 29, it does not appear to be a big issue, as nearly two-thirds of them check social media sites while watching TV. And 44% of the same group indicated that social media is the primary place they learn about breaking news.

Not only do women find breaking news via social media sites, they share it with others as well. Almost half of the younger women (18-29) surveyed said they use social media sites as a way to “comment on news and current events.”

Antony Young, CEO North America, stated that the study “illuminates the true passion and engagement women have with social media, underscoring the great opportunity for marketers to reach a female audience.”



The survey found that music sites like Pandora and Spotify have a huge social media marketing opportunity. Nearly half of women 18-29 said such sites “make listening to music more enjoyable because I can share my musical tastes with friends.”

For marketers generally, per the survey, social media would seem to be a major opportunity to engage younger women. More than 35% of them said they would “try a new product based on a friend’s social media recommendation.”

The survey also asked respondents to choose a positive female role model for today’s young people and singer Taylor Swift ranked at the top of the poll, with 35% followed by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge with 23%. Rounding out the top three was comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres (12%).

Mindshare surveyed 1,041 adult men and women 18 years of age and over on current topics relating to women. The poll was conducted online in February with results timed for release in March, which is Women’s History Month.

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