Bojangles Unleashes 'Chicken Cops'

Chicken-CopsBojangles Restaurants has launched a new campaign, “Chicken Cops.” 

The campaign’s heroes  –-  human detectives named Roadcross and Otherside (“Enforcers of Excellence”)  -– burst in on folks about to eat inferior chicken, flash their badges, and order: “Chicken Cops. Don’t Move.”

The chain hopes that this new catch phrase will succeed as well as “It’s Bo Time,” the tagline for a campaign launched in 2010 that’s become part of North Carolinians’ vernacular. (“Bo Time” is still being used as the brand’s main tagline, at the end of the new ads.)

The latest campaign, from Charlotte, N.C.-based agency BooneOakley, promotes Bojangles’ boneless chicken menu options, with a primary target of males 18 to 35. 



The four TV spots (including 15- and 30-second versions) feature either the chain’s Cajun Filet Biscuit Combo or Chicken Supremes. The ads are running in the Southeastern region, mainly in prime-time programming (including “American Idol,” “Mentalist,” “Castle and Bones”) and sports programming (including NCAA basketball and NASCAR).

Online, the videos are preceded by a 30-second intro of the Chicken Cops and their mission.

The two menu items are also being promoted through five radio spots with an “All Points Bulletin” theme; billboards (some with localized messages such as “Pull Over! To Exit 132”); and in-store promotions that include posters and Chicken Cop “badge-on-a-wallet” stickers worn by servers.

Bojangles has more than 500 locations in 10 states, primarily in the Southeast. 

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