Google And Other 2012 April Fool's Jokes You Might Have Missed

Guy-with-darkshadesThis year's April Fool's creations introduce bizarre applications and services. They run the gamut from smaller hardware to better online ad targeting, and the ability to access online content offline. Google launched click-to-teleport, planetary targeting, Google Maps 8-bit for Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES), and the complete YouTube DVD collection. Sony created an ultrabook called the VAIO Q, about the size of a quarter. Kenshoo released Ken Shoe, a mobile application for managing online advertising campaigns.

Since April Fools fell on a Sunday this year, here's a sample of what you might have missed. The Google Maps 8-bit for Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES), heading into Google Stores, connects from the console to Google Maps on the Internet by connecting through a ton of servers to overcome the hardware's limitations. The video provides a detailed demonstration, complete with voice search.



Commenting on the rumor that Google is building a fiber-optic network with Internet speeds 100 times faster than most Americans have today, the Google Fiber team tells us this new edible bar provides a new way to consume nutrients for the body. Larry Yang, chief of Google Health and hospital network, believes "Google has revolutionized preventive healthcare."

The Google's Inside AdWords Group launched a click-to-teleport extension that allows advertisers to optimize ads for the closest location and transport them to the store supporting the merchandise in the ad the consumer clicks on. Be aware, however, that no teleport back home option exists, according to Google. It's compatible with AdWords planetary targeting, which allows ads to appear when customers are in -- or searching for -- locations out of this world.

Google went retro as well. The GoRo initiative gives businesses resources to learn about what makes a good rotary site, why optimizing for rotary matters and the latest data to prepare for the return of rotary.

Kenshoo has launched Ken Shoe, a mobile application for managing online advertising campaigns. Upon vocal instruction, Ken Shoe walks through all tasks to optimize ad campaigns across search engines, social networks, and other digital marketing channels. The algorithms powering Ken Shoe are calibrated to disregard any actions that could potentially harm campaign performance. For example, if an individual tells Ken Shoe to raise bids on paid-search keywords with poor converting landing pages, the app will shoo away the command. While in beta, some users found this feature to be off-putting -- but eventually grew to appreciate the shoos, according to the company.

Sony quietly launched a set of portable devices called the Sony VAIO Q Series, complete with 8 GB of RAM and full high-definition 1080p resolution screen and AMD Radeon processor. The ultrabook, about the size of a U.S. quarter, brings a new meaning to the word "collaboration" when on the go by allowing users to physically hand off the project when needed.

Toshiba introduced Shapes, a line of tablet devices designed to match the individual. The shapes include Oblong, technology that comes full circle; Rhombus, more than a convex quadrilateral; and Amore, one heart that users can play with.

And from Microsoft Bing -- Bingbot -- the software that runs the Keyword research tool, Webmaster API, and more. Microsoft said the Bingbot is writing a memoir titled "Oh man, the stuff I've seen … " To its credit, the Bingbot was a featured extra in Real Steel, but also did stunt work for KITT of Knight Rider fame. And it also turned down the role as C3PO.

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  1. Katie Innes from sfkatya, April 5, 2012 at 12:58 p.m.

    For April Fools, Klout added MySpace as one of its connected networks. As if a fast-paced company such as Klout would add such an antiquated network.

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