Velti: New iPad Growth Outpaces iPad 2

New research from mobile marketing firm Velti indicates the new iPad is growing faster than the iPad 2 in its first month after release. The latest version of the Apple tablet has captured 2.2% of impressions on the Mobclix mobile ad exchange compared to the 1.5% the iPad 2 claimed in its first month.

The new iPad’s launch has also helped iOS pull ahead of Android, with 53% share of impressions in March. The two leading mobile platforms were mostly neck-and-neck during 2011. Among manufacturers, Apple dominated with 53% share of impression volume, while others including Samsung, HTC and LG had no more than 15% apiece.

On top of that, Velti said iOS commands eCPMs almost two times higher than Android. And larger, more engaging ad units, such as those on the iPad, typically garner higher eCPMs than smaller ones. Full-screen ads on a smartphone, for instance, go for $1.22 and $1.14 on the iPhone and Android devices, respectively, versus 59 cents and 33 cents for a 300 x 50 unit.

Ad rates on the iPad range from 18 cents for a 468 x 60 unit to $1.35 for a full-screen ad.

When it comes to apps, what category are advertisers willing to pay the highest rates for? Not games, but weather. Weather apps had the highest eCPMs at $1.24, with education titles a close second, at $1.17. Game apps generated eCPMS of 51 cents, the second lowest rate among the 10 categories listed in the study after navigation (49 cents).

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