Video Vendors Boost Verification; Discovery Tools

The latest race for improvement in online video tools for advertising seems to lie in online ad verification. The last week alone has brought news from two prominent online video ad networks about enhanced verification tools for video spots.

For starters, video ad technology firm BrightRoll said it’s introduced new features to its platform for better inventory planning, targeting, and also brand safety. That includes a so-called “BrandWatch Tool” that makes sure ads are placed in safe and “in-view” inventory.

TremorVideo also added features to its VideoHub analytics to let advertisers see whether their video ads are fully viewable, partially viewable, or non-viewable, and see the page positioning and player size, all in real-time. The added feature is designed to give a snap shot into the delivery quality by letting brands and publishers know how likely viewers are to see the ads on the page and then make any needed adjustments.

In other vendor news, online video tech firm Ooyala added new content discovery tools and recommendations to its services, yet another sign of the importance of search and discovery to the online video ad economy. The tools let publishers present videos to viewers that they are more likely to view, compete and share, based on viewer preferences, Ooyala said.

In early testing, Ooyala said the new features are driving a four times increase in engagement, which translates into longer viewing times and more videos viewed.

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