Choice-Based Ads Show Higher Effectiveness

How can choice influence ad effectiveness?

Blip said that about 40% of pre-roll ads delivered against its videos are now choice-based and that these ads perform, on average, 36% better than regular pre-roll ads.

Specifically, Blip found from campaigns run in 2011 that when users are given the choice to interact with an ad by selecting which pre-roll they want to view, about 80% of the time they do indeed make a choice. Plus, click-through rates are 2% and completion rates 80% for these types of ads, higher than the industry average.

What’s more, when users are presented with the option to expand the ad with more videos from the brand or other interactive elements, click-through rates rise to 2.45% and completion rates to 82%.

A pre-roll ad with a branded environment surrounding it, dubbed a “pre-roll with skin” that can include calls to action, yields a 2.58% click-through rate and a 79% completion rate.

Finally, pre-roll bugs, which refer to small icons or logos that appear during the pre-roll to drive interaction, are generating about 2.14% click-through rates, and nearly 80% completion rates.

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  1. jason wilk from 140Fire, April 19, 2012 at 3:16 p.m.

    We offer all of these tools at 140Fire for both publishers and advertisers. One metric to add in is engagement. With skinned pre-rolls, we see an average of 33% engagement with the ad.

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