'Race,' 'Big Bang' Top Product Integration Recalls

The-Amazing-RaceBrand integrations on a pair of CBS series are widely resonating with viewers, according to Nielsen data. In rankings of the most recalled integrations of 2011, “The Amazing Race” and “The Big Bang Theory” were leading performers.

Another standout was Travelocity as its integrations on “The Amazing Race” topped the rankings in the reality genre from a brand perspective.

Nielsen data shows the number of integrations in both dramas and reality programming declined in 2011, though appearances in comedies rose.

Among integrations in all prime-time programs, Travelocity appearances in “The Amazing Race” accounted for the top three in viewer recall for the reality category. In the scripted category, a Purell placement in “Big Bang” topped the rankings, while two others in the show for Hasbro products (Twister and Dungeons & Dragons) filled out the top five.



A Travelocity appearance in the Oct. 9 episode of “Amazing Race” brought a 170 recall index, meaning viewers were 70% more likely to recall the mention than any other integration in a reality series last year. Travelocity integrations in the Dec. 4 and Oct. 23 episodes posted indexes of 164 and 162 -- rounding out the top three.

A mention of the upscale BLT restaurant chain in “Hell’s Kitchen” finished fourth, while Pepsi on an “X Factor” episode came in fifth.

In the scripted rundown, a Red Bull integration on ABC’s “Suburgatory” (206 index) and one for Porsche on “Two and a Half Men” (another CBS show) with a 205 were sandwiched between the high “Big Bang” performers. The leading Purell integration with a 209 index meant viewers were more than twice as likely to recall the placement than any other appearance in a scripted show in 2011.

In 2011, the number of integrations in reality series dropped from 5,776 in 2010 to 4,664. In the drama segment, the decline went from 2,538 to 2,361. The comedy increase went from 902 to 1,071.

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