Smart TV Ads Gain Greater Consumer Reach

Laptop-TVAds and messaging in and around smart/Internet-connected TVs can make for a greater impact with consumers.

A study conducted in the U.K. says there is an 86% brand lift when it comes to brands exposed to ads on smart TV platforms. Concerning “awareness," 68% of users exposed to ads on smart TV platforms noticed the messaging, with a third of those in the survey clicking through. 

Rovi Corp., a company that provides electronic program guides and other interactive tools to TV set makers and other entertainment companies, conducted the research.

There is higher ad engagement on smart TVs -- two in five connected TV viewers exposed to smart TV ads claimed to have watched the video featured on the brand's microsite, with 79% of ad viewers claiming to have subsequently participated in other product or brand-related activities.

When it comes to purchase intent: 47% of connected TV viewers exposed to ads on smart TVs claim they will ask for new information about products. The study says intent to purchase was 2.5 times higher compared to a non-exposed control sample.

The “reach” factor: the study says ads on select platforms delivered 6% incremental reach in addition to traditional media channels.

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