Green May Not Be The Strongest Color In The Pallet

According to a new Ipsos poll with, 25% of respondents report that they always proactively take steps to green their home or lifestyle, such as recycling, driving energy efficient vehicles, weatherizing their home, using eco-friendly products.  An additional 60% say that they sometimes take these actions, while just 15% say that they never do.

46% say that they are more inclined to buy a product if it is environmentally friendly, though 16% say that they aren’t more likely to buy a product they know is green, and 4% say that they do not buy green products. 34% say that it makes no difference if a product is environmentally friendly. College graduates, Northeasterners and young adults seem to be the most ardent supporters of Green throughout the study.

When it comes to purchasing habits:

  • 3% say that they only buy eco-friendly products
  • 40% say that they buy green, eco-friendly products when they are readily available and there is no big cost difference
  • 51% report that they buy whichever products suit their needs at the time, green or not
  • 6% never buy eco-friendly products
  • 41% would pay a little more for a product or service if they knew it was environmentally friendly
  • 59% of respondents would be unwilling to pay a higher price

71% adults feel that they are aware of the positive and/or adverse environmental impact of products that they purchase every day, including 17% who strongly feel this way. Still, 29% are lacking knowledge about the environmental impact of the products they purchase every day.

70% are aware about the environmental impact of the products that they buy regularly, but 57% say that they actually think about this when making everyday purchases. 43% report that they do not think about the impact that products have on the environment when making everyday purchases.

Interview results of an Ipsos online poll conducted April 4-6, 2012, with an estimated margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points 19 times out of 20 of what the results would have been had the entire adult population of adults aged 18 and older in the United States had been polled.

For more information from the study, please visit Ipsos here.


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