Jeans Full Of Tweets Promote Eco-Friendly Denim

What’s that on your jeans? Do I see a hashtag? To promote its new line of eco-friendly laser-blasted denim, Replay created an in-store and social media campaign that projected tweets onto denim in real time.

Replay’s latest collection of jeans uses a Laserblast treatment that’s chemical-free and more eco-friendly than sandblasting.

A display in Replay’s flagship Milan store encouraged visitors to tweet a comment using the hashtag #replaylaserblast. This, in turn, would project the tweets onto wall-mounted jeans in-store.

The installation, created by Perfect Fools, was active from April 17-22; Replay is considering similar displays to be used in other stores throughout Europe.

Last week’s column also combined Twitter with an outdoor component, asking passerby in Holland to tweet the phrase “Get the war out of children #Warchild” on behalf of War Child Holland. The end-result was 7,000 balloons, in the shape of a tank, were released into the sky.

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