'Consumer Reports' Rates Fast-Food Egg Sandwiches

  • May 1, 2012

A Consumer Reports assessment of the nutrition and taste of egg sandwiches from major fast-food chains finds Subway's coming out on top. 

CR first analyzed the calories, fats, sodium, sugar and fiber of 106 egg sandwiches offered by Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and Wendy's. 

Just six were rated "very good" on nutrition, and all of those came from Subway. No breakfast sandwich from Burger King, McDonald's or Wendy's rated better than "fair."

CR also had four tasters try one or two of the more nutritious choices from five of the chains (omitting Wendy's because its breakfast sandwiches won't be offered nationally until later this year).

On taste, only one of the sandwiches tried was rated "very good": Subway's Egg White and Cheese on Mornin' Flatbread. ("Its components blended well, its flatbread was tender, its egg whites were flavorful.")

The rest had one or more drawbacks. "Cheese in both of Starbucks' sandwiches was saucelike; egg in McDonald's Egg McMuffin was slightly rubbery. Others had mediocre muffins or flavorless eggs."



CR also notes that sandwich quality often varies by location within chains. For instance, BK's eggs were "fluffy in two restaurants, and wet in a third."

CR's advice: Ask for any of the sandwiches to be toasted (that blends the flavors and improves taste); and if you want good nutrition, skip the cheese or meat, ask for egg whites instead of whole eggs, and avoid a "footlong." Also, eat immediately (taste deteriorates as the sandwiches cool off).

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