SMG, ShareThis Use Social Media To Up Wendy's Ad Performance

Wendys-Storefront-AStarcom MediaVest Group,  Wendy’s, an SMG client, and social media sharing service ShareThis have released results from two online advertising campaigns utilizing the ShareThis platform. 

SMG and ShareThis disclosed last November that they were teaming up to test new metrics for assessing the value of shared content online. The basic idea: the more people share content with others online, the more they are engaged with that content. Advertisers are often willing to pay a premium for media that delivers more engaged audiences.

Earlier research from SMG and ShareThis indicated that shared content constitutes 10% of all Internet traffic. 

ShareThis has developed what it calls a “social quality index” (SQI) to determine engagement levels of audiences across 1.4 million Web sites.  To develop the index, it evaluated data such as outbound shares, inbound click-back traffic and page views of sites.



For the two Wendy’s campaigns, 30 million impressions were delivered to the same audience via two sets of sites, including one set that scored higher on the ShareThis social quality index. Those latter sites delivered higher click-through rates, page views, locator inquiries and email sign-ups at lower cost, per the company’s findings.

“We’re talking about some impressive stats here,” stated Brandon Rhoten, director of digital marketing at Wendy’s International. “SQI helped drive the most socially relevant audiences to the custom message we developed, creating a larger impact than any other paid part of this campaign. It helped us tap into audiences we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”

ShareThis also unveiled new tools to navigate its platform, including an analytics dashboard that summarizes the social activity that takes place on each publisher site within the ShareThis network, such as shares, clicks and traffic. It assigns publishers a score on the SQI. A separate “lookup” tool reveals the score of any publisher within the ShareThis Network, and showcases top SQI sites by category.

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