Rentrak To Measure China's TV Viewing

China-on-a-map-AGrowing U.S.-based media measurement company Rentrak is pushing into another big market: China.

The Portland, Ore.-based company has struck a joint venture deal with Sinomonitor, a consumer and media research company in China, to create Sinotrak.

Rentrak says Sinotrak will be the first company ever to be approved by China to deliver census-level TV viewing information – as well as advanced targeting capabilities for the company. Sinotrak will be built from the software platform used in Rentrak's United States TV Essentials service. 

China has 1,815 TV stations and around 155 million digital set-top-boxes. Rentrak derives much of its research in the U.S. from digital set-top boxes.

"China, as the biggest TV market in the world and the engine for global growth, needs a 21st-century measurement for TV viewing,” stated Michael Wen, CEO of Sinomonitor. “Sinomonitor selected Rentrak because of the company's impressive track record of successfully handling hundreds of billions of TV viewing data points on a very timely and accurate basis."



The companies say Sinotrak's measurement from millions of TV sets will produce more granular ratings, allowing the industry to maximize the value of all Chinese TV advertising inventory.

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