Mobile Shopping For A Car

According to the latest MAG research, 50% of respondents expressed interest in using their mobile phone to research buying or leasing a vehicle. When in the market to buy or lease a new vehicle, nearly half (47%) of consumers said that they would find mobile advertisements containing deals or offers most valuable to them.

Information Most Valuable in Mobile Auto Ads (According to US Auto Owners/Shoppers; % of Respondents)

Info in Ad

% of Respondents

Ability to sign up for deals/offers/future communications


Features and benefits of vehicle/video


Deals and offers


Ability to book a test drive with local dealer


Source: Mojiva Mobile Audience Guide/Insight Express, May 2012

The report shows that there is opportunity to target vehicle shoppers on their mobile devices to research information about buying or leasing a vehicle. Additional findings include:

  • 36% of consumers plan to purchase a car in the next 12 months, while an additional 5% plan to lease one in the same timeframe
  • 21% of consumers are open to mobile ads that provide features and benefits of the vehicle and/or the ability to sign up for deals, offers and future communications most valuable
  • 57% of consumers would browse a website or play a game as a result of seeing a mobile ad
  • 38%of consumers would request more information as a result of seeing a mobile ad on their phone 

Actions Taken After Viewing Mobile Ad (% of Respondents; US Mobile Phone Users)


% of Respondents March 2012

Browse website


Play a game


Listen to music


Download mobile app


Request more information


Watch a video


Redeem or download coupon


Purchase a product


Tap to call


Source: Mojiva Mobile Audience Guide/Insight Express, May 2012

Amy Vale, Vice President of Global Research and Strategic Communications for Mojiva says “... not only do a third of consumers surveyed plan to purchase a vehicle within the next 12 months... more than half of them would use their mobile devices as part of their research process... “

For additional information, please visit Mojiva here, or sign up for the mobile research here.



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